A Fun Way To Sparkling Handwriting

Posted By: Rima Bose

Aug 17, 2017

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A Fun Way To Sparkling Handwriting

Are your child's alphabets a horrifying mess? Is the white paper filled up with meaningless pencil marks that are supposed to be clear-cut sentences? Is a bunch of scribbles wracking your nerves? Precisely, is your kid getting a zero on handwriting?

Get ready to grab that extra mark for neat handwriting on your exam sheet.

We always joke that doctors have got the worst writing in the world. But, our children also outdo doctors sometimes in this race. We become very excited to see our beautiful piece of heart-grabbing a pencil and trying to write his/her first ever alphabet. Then it continues to words that progress towards sentences. So, the importance of a good handwriting cannot be overlooked. Come forward and help our little gold to get good and pearly handwriting.

Tracks towards clean and bright penning and penciling:-

1.    Motor skills

You are not allowed to forget that the pencil holder is a little human being who has soft bones and tender hands. The fine motor skills of your kindergarten goers should be developed with gentle care. Handwriting is a composition of various skills like coordination between hand and eye, proper vision, control of the body, memory, formation of letters and pencil grasping techniques. Therefore, the palmar grasp and the pincer grasp are the basic grips to be looked for. Improper pencil hold will lead to inaccurate alphabet formation. 

2.     Proprioception

The sense of self-movement and sense to put pressure on an item provides the recognition of exerting pressure on the pencil or pen to a small child. Since a child is unable to detect the amount of pressure to be put; it is you who should take responsibility for the improvement.

3.    Handwriting book

A colorful handwriting book stuffed with images is a source of attraction to a toddler.  This book suggests about handwriting strokes, pencil grasping strokes, sensory considerations, tips on writings, several useful ideas for a cocktail of play and write, spacing, sizing, alignments, etc. Get a hold of one and, make your baby practice on it daily.

4.    An eye on ADHD

Attention Deficit Disorder: The Unfocused Mind in Children and Adults' by Thomas E. Brown gives us a clear vision that kids with attention deficit disorder often hate to pen down on papers. The art of writing is much demanding than speaking out. The child can feel the insecurity of failing badly and being a bully by his friends as his letters are jumbled up making nonsense.

I am presenting you some unavoidable tips for recovering this issue:-

  • Number of practices

School teachers often ask a child to practice more handwriting. The right way of regular exercise can lead to a better alphabet formation.

  • Auditory feedback

If your child says whatever he has written, it will help him to monitor the letters appropriately.

Have you seen kids writing or drawing in the sand with his fingers? This practice contributes to feeling what he or she is writing.

Occupational therapists help children to build the muscle memory for improvising the handwriting.

 Try some more tricks;

5.    Different shapes

Children getting bored of regular writings can opt for drawing shapes like square, circle, rectangle, triangle, etc. A circle can be the most efficient practice for its transitional and smooth line.

6.    Diary writing

Is your kid a bit grown up? Gift her a diary. Ask her to write everyday happenings. She will get to practice handwriting while penning down all her experiences and inner feelings that carried her throughout the day. She can store the best memories of her later life and cherish too.

7.    Games

Many games trick kids to write and draw. Try penmanship, grammar and spelling games with your child. It will not only improve their handwriting but also glorify the bond between you two. The toy shops are filled with educational games like making simple pictures of birds, animals, etc. by joining dots; puzzle writing games, Jenga, etc. These fun- filled schematic games will raise a happy child with distinctive handwriting.

8.    Visual form constancy

Reverse alphabets are a common mistake found in little children's copies. Letters like ‘b' and 'd' are usually made opposite.

Come on parents! That doesn’t always indicate Dyslexia. It may be the lack of exposure to alphabets. The little minds cannot hold the ocean of knowledge in a day. Give time and show them words and sentences every day. This problem disappears once your baby reaches 7 or 8. But, if the problem persists, take help of a mnemonic device to make them see the similar looking alphabets straight. A word like ‘bed’ will suffice.

Coming to an end, we can say that the writing woes can be thoroughly dignified through your constant efforts on the various ways devised for the improvement of your child’s handwriting. Don’t feel shy to get a hand of the teachers and the crèche caretaker to supervise it. Be a friend, philosopher, and guide to your glittery gems and watch them master the art and winning the prestigious award of ‘The Best Handwriting.'

That is all for today. Don’t forget to write in the comment box. Thank you.

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