Develop Better Mathematical Skills in Children

Posted By: Santosh Raj Battu

Aug 21, 2017

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Develop Better Mathematical Skills in Children

Mathematics is not as hard as most people think it is. With the right encouragement and support, your child can easily pick up the skills needed to progress in Mathematics.

Firstly we need to understand why they don’t like the subject Mathematics. Few reasons can be:

1. Math Basics  – Basics about Mathematics need to be developed among students from elementary level. Maths is highly foundation-based, and it is something that continues to build upon itself as you go higher up in education. Weak basics make students feel Maths as a hard subject.

2. Excuses – Maths problems can seem too complicated at first glance, so children are turned off. They use the excuses when they can’t do something at the first time, and get discouraged from trying it any further.

3. Exposure - Mathematical skills aren’t usually given a lot of attention outside of the classroom. As one quote I saw many years ago said, "We play with what we love". Play with numbers, patterns and words from the very beginning and many learning problems will never develop. 

4. Logical Skills - Maths requires logic, and many kids are not trained on logical skills at an early age. It helps to decide which problem-solving skill to try first.

5. Support - Children need regular support in order to recognize the mathematics in the world around them, and parents are often the best people to provide this support. Many children don’t receive support or guidance to finish Maths homework. It makes learning tougher for them.

Tips to develop better Mathematical skills:

1.Maths Foundation – Calculations become easier if your child understands the Mathematical concepts. Rather than just doing drills or memorizing rules, help them visualize what’s taking place. Practice can help children master the facts and solve problems faster, so use Maths games, flash cards, join Maths Foundation classes to help them learn.

2.Treat Maths as a Game – Too many of us think of Maths as work, something we do because we have to. If in  stead we were taught to think of it as a game, we’d probably look at it differently. Maths games can help them learn Mathematical skills while at play.

3. Make Mathematics Real – Let your child see how important Maths is in life while paying bills, cooking, or making a grocery list. Practical, real-life applications of basic Mathematical concepts can help them learn faster, so take them shopping with you, let them help with measuring ingredients, setting the table, counting fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator, etc.

4.Do Maths Every Day – Make sure that your child spends time doing calculations every single day. Spend at least 10 minutes with quick Maths activities such as counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, or give them problems to solve on their own. Sit with them while they work on puzzles or assignments.

5.Try New Techniques – Don’t repeat the same activities over and over till your child gets bored with them. Instead, switch it up to keep things interesting. Try Maths-based story books, videos or educational shows on TV, party games that involve Maths challenges, and more. 

6. Abacus and Brain Gym-Learning Abacus can help your child improve his Mathematical skills, calculations speed, concentration etc. Doing brain gym exercises regularly will develop left and right brains. 

7.Competition and Rewards – Your child will be more interested in Maths if they feel a sense of achievement when they master certain concepts or skills. Reward them when they solve problems or find solutions on their own, especially when they do calculations in their head. Along with other students, set up group quizzes or competitions with rewards for the winners.

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